Essay about A Brief Note On The American Civil War

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There were many cause of the American Civil War that started on April 12, 1861 and lasted until May 9, 1965. Some of the causes of the Civil War would be States’ Rights, Federal Rights, and Economic and Social Differences. However, the main cause that started the American Civil War would be slavery. The Southern states felt it was part of their property rights’ to own slaves and wanted to expand slavery across the country. The Northern states felt that it was wrong for one person to own another, regardless of race, and wanted to abolish slavery in the South.

The Missouri Compromise

The fight for slavery began with The Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise was created in 1820 as an attempt by the Senate and the House of Representative to preserve state powers between slaveholding states and free states. The Missouri Compromise admitted Missouri, a new state that was previously part of the Louisiana Territory, as a slaveholding state, while also admitting Maine, a new state previously part of Massachusetts, as a free state. The Missouri Compromise also allocated that all new states below the 36’30 line, the Southern barrier of Missouri, would allow slavery, while all new states above the 36’30 line would prohibit slavery. Due to The Missouri Compromise, the tentative balance between slaveholding states and free states in Senate was sustained and the national crisis that was the Civil War was effectively delayed for the time being.…

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