A Brief Note On Technology And Gender Disparity Essay

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Technology and Gender Disparity
Why do most of us make assumptions about males, when we think about technology? Is it because there is no female technology geek, or are we all just ignorant? For example, most people know that Steve jobs invented mac computers, but only few know Susan Kare, the designer, who helped bring the Apple computer to life with her sophisticated typography and iconic graphic design skills by working alongside Steve Jobs. It is an unfortunate fact of life that technology-based fields are the most gender biased fields today. It is also sad to witness that many women are still struggling to enter into some male dominated fields such as engineering, physics, and computer science. Even though women make a significant headway as well as men, the doors to these fields are still closed to most women. According to Ignite global fund for women, only twenty-one percent of researchers in engineering, physics, and computer science fields globally are women; while seventy-nine percent are men. It also states that women make up only ten percent of internet entrepreneurs around the world (Ignite 2014). Although there are many reasons why these fields are male-dominated fields, there are few major reasons.
One of the main reasons is stereotyping and prejudices against women. For years, women have been underrepresented; and fewer women have been entering into technology fields. Although there are many successful women in technology fields, they are not as recognized…

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