A Brief Note On Psa ( Public Service Announcement ) Essay

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Essay about PSA (Public Service Announcement)
According to CARE’s website, it is said CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, which especially focuses on working alongside poor women. Even though the world has been changed a lot, people gradually find more problems need to solve, like poor women’s right. “I am powerful” is such an advertisement made by CARE to address and to make people take the responsibility for fixing this problem. Using "seeds" as the implication of a dream, CARE in this advertisement consistently convinces the public that both the donators and the poor women are powerful and thus persuading people to think of basic human problems in a more responsible way and to make change right now. Being in information flood, everyone now is busy and has to focus more on efficiency, which makes people become more practical and have no time to enjoy many wonderful instants. A piece of unexpected picture or advertisement at this time may pause people in a hurry. Suddenly facing a woman with very complex facial expression, people may feel puzzled about the intent of this picture and may stop to reexamine it. Here the creator successively attracts people’s attention. Wherever one is, when he or she holds or faces this advertisement, he or she will encounter the woman’s complex eyes directly. As the old saying goes, eyes are the mirror of the soul; inspiring all kinds of feelings of viewers, the woman’s eyes seemingly are telling a long…

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