A Brief Note On Progress, Not Perfection Essay

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Progress, Not Perfection

My friend turned to me, empty can in hand, his face probing. I recognized he was asking where to put it. Pointing, I reply “the recycling bin is in there.” We live on a cozy, little boat and it would be silly for him to squeeze past me to deposit it appropriately, so I take it from his hand and put it in its proper place.
He screwed his face up in a question and looked at me again, “You keep a recycling bin on board?”
Knowing my friend sees eye to eye with me on environmental concerns. I say “Of course I do. Don’t you?” Does he really not separate his recyclables from his trash on his boat?
He replies “There’s no place to put it in the Marina.”, as if I didn’t know that.
I tell him, “We bag ours up and take it to a recycling bin.”
Everybody recycles at home and believe safeguarding the environment is a really valuable cause. We wouldn’t think of not recycling at home, so why wouldn’t those same sustainable ideals and habits apply when people are away from home? Society is making progress but we’re not all living in balance with our environment… yet.
Since we live on our boat full time, we see the Marina on Monday mornings after all the weekend boaters have gone home and this Monday morning, as every other Monday morning in the Marina, I walk past the overflowing dumpster in the parking lot filled with glass, plastic, cardboard and plenty of other recyclables. Our Marina, like many public places, has only one refuse disposal bin because the…

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