The Yellow Wallpaper Monologue Analysis

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Blanche in Relation to The Yellow Wallpaper

After having left in silence with the doctor on her arm, she has forever remained in this bittersweet, numbing quietness in comparison to the chaos experienced at Stanley’s house for so long. There is an internal chaos yet to be discovered.
She now remains in an estate—much like Belle Reve.
She is sitting in a rocking chair. The kind that squeaks ever few seconds upon leaning. She holds a journal on her lap, and a pen rose to her chin. Gazing out of the window, looking at the birds, wishing she could just breathe the fresh air. Not this trapped air where dust particles dance in every ray of sun that shines through. The mood is lonely, yet solemn. She has taken to writing in her journal her first
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Which don’t get me wrong, is a huge improvement from Stella’s house. However, I find it odd the windows are barred for children. Yes, I can imagine it now, all the sweet children runnin’ around without a care, without nervousness. Oh, why does this room make me so nervous? Maybe it is this hideous wallpaper! Someone really outta show them how to decorate. Why I don’t think I’ve ever seen wallpaper worse in my entire life! It’s almost insulting to me, even the way it looks at me with its sickening yellow! Oh how dreadfully nervous it’s making me. Not even my trunk full of clothes and jewelry can distract me from this hideous …show more content…
Of course, it’s only nerves my dear! Do not worry! —Only nerves.
I have become such a burden to John, and he has done so much for me. I needed a man to come save me and right when I thought I had that, Mitch took it away from me! Selfishly. But no, not John. No, John came and saved me from all of it!
Nobody understands how hard simple things have become for me to do, because of my condition. I can’t even light my own cigarettes anymore.

She stops writing and goes to light a cigarette, then gives up, throwing the cigarette pack. She looks up at the yellow wallpaper and all of a sudden its chaotic patterns appear to be moving. She picks up the pack of cigarettes she just threw at the ground, and lurks in closer and closer and closer to the wallpaper that seems to haunt. It almost taunts her like the Blue Piano did. Then Johns enters the room, and she promptly acts like she has been looking out the window—

“Oh John, must I have to stare at this yellow wallpaper all day long?”
He laughs and says, “ now we can’t go redecorating the entire place just because of that”
She answers impatiently, “then lets go downstairs! There are much better rooms

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