A Brief Note On Kentucky State Police Officer Essay

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Kentucky State Police Officer
The goal to pursue a career as a Kentucky State Police Officer (KSP) has been part of my plans since I was in elementary school. To my first job as a Pee Wee League Umpire to my current position as a Community Education Assistant Supervisor for children, the majority of my work and volunteer services has been serving others. Serving in this commonwealth and keeping others safe is a passion of mine. A career in law enforcement is a respectful job, as police officers serve to maintain law and order. Possessing the skills and willingness to be a role model in order to inspire and guide others to make better choices is the hope I have for a better future for the citizens from the state of Kentucky. To know that I can make a positive impact in this life being a police office is rewarding goal for me.
Choosing a career can affect life in many ways. It can determine where you live, the friends you make, and the amount of money you earn. A career can also affect how you feel about yourself and the way others act toward you. My decision to pursue the field of a Kentucky State Police Officer helps me to build the life that I want. Sociology and the course topics I am studying are enabling me to have the skills of critical thinking and the ability to use interpersonal communications. These skills alone will prove beneficial when becoming a police officer. Using

Webb 2 these skills will ensure compassion for my fellow man while…

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