A Brief Note On Industrial Engineering And Engineering Essay

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Communication in Industrial Engineering
The world will always need engineers to bring ideas into life, however engineering is not for everyone. Thankfully, there are many different branches of engineering, whether it be mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc. One commonly overlooked is the field of industrial engineering. After I was certain I wanted to go into engineering, I took a good look at all the fields available. I decided that industrial engineering was the best fit for me, but I still wanted to gain a deeper insight into the complex intricacies of a job in industrial engineering. I interviewed Robert Plescow, a paint manager at BASF, and Steven Engler, a civil and industrial engineer. Speaking to these men really brought me a glimpse into the life of an industrial engineer. Industrial engineering is my major of choice because of the high demand, the growth opportunities it provides, as well as the diverse and exciting work done as an industrial engineer. Merriam Webster defines industrial engineering as “engineering that deals with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems (as of people, materials, and energy) in industry”. One of the appeals of industrial engineering was its versatility, which is apparent when one looks at all the fields it is applicable. There are industrial engineers working in hospitals, factories, aerospace, and even amusement parks. Anywhere something could be made more efficient, an industrial engineer could work. For…

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