A Brief Note On Indian And Pakistani Cultures Essay

946 Words May 5th, 2015 4 Pages
It is important that everyone learns about the cultures that they are communicating with, but it is even more important that nurses learn about the cultural people they are working with for the following reasons: one, if a nurse does something against the traditions of the culture he or she is in, the cultural person may leave the hospital early and die; two, a nurse may loses his or her job for offending people from culture; and three, a nurse needs to learn how to communicate properly with the cultural people to make friends, to enjoy their time, and to learn new things in life while working. Also, we need to learn about different cultures and different traditions since two different cultures may have opposite opinions about what is right and what is wrong. In the past, health care providers have offended cultural people unintentionally for not understanding their cultural values. And as a nurse, it is my duty to learn how to communicate properly with the people I am working; therefore, I am going to study about Indian and Pakistani cultures in order to avoid offending them while I am on my medical trips in India and Pakistan. In addition, I will try to learn the medical terms and then their language in general in order to avoid misunderstandings while dealing with patients. A great way to learn about a culture is to learn its language. Even though reading books about specific cultures may help someone to understand the basic traditions, still being able to speak with…

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