A Brief Note On Healthcare And Teamwork Essay

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Assessment 3 Gia Toivonen Words: 829

Healthcare and teamwork essay
Working in health care requires being a part of a team.
This essay will discuss A) Teamwork in health care, B) Define teams and teamwork, C) Teamwork and communication and reflecting back on the first part of the assessment D) Team leadership in teams and reflecting back on the first part of the assessment and E) My future goals

Health care is delivered in complex and dynamic circumstances. Patients are often transferred from different wards and health care settings and often require daily treatment from a number of health professionals so that they can receive the appropriate care for their illness/illnesses. This means health care staff are required daily to work together with a range of different skilled health care providers e.g. doctors, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapist, speech therapist, paramedics and psychologists to name a few, to add to this good communication with patient, family members and caregivers is required. There are often changes to the patient’s treatment plans that require adaptability and changes to patient’s health that require fast action from the medical staff. Good teamwork among all individuals participating in the patient’s care is important to ensure patient safety and care. Teamwork is seen to reduce errors happening during patient treatment and produce better health-outcomes for the patient (Crisp, Taylor & Robeiro 2015, p. 127-135; Salas, Rosen & King 2007;…

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