Essay on A Brief Note On Gender Discrimination And The Workplace

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gender discrimination….” (Galarneau). This suggest that, they are concern about if the labor work is going to be tough, also the chemical they breath when they are working in the fields. Having family that a documented immigrant feel like they are discriminated because she is a women. For example, when my aunt was working as a restaurant as a waitress I witness she would be treated different from the males. A male would ask for the day off they would give it to him, when my aunt ask would ask for the day off they would not give it her. Another example, is when I was working in the fields some of the informers would treat the women different form the men. It would be the middle of the day and some older women would be tired and exhausted and want to take a break but the informer would not let them because they would say “I pay you to work, not to sit down and rest.” I felt bad because they do pay us to work but working from six in the morning to four in the afternoon is tough. They would be afraid of speak back to the informers because of being scared that they have the power to get them deported back to Mexico for not having documents. “Immigration Reform” an article by Cynthia Bansak states that “discrimination would be reduced if employer provided with more education on the law’s requirement and a simpler, more reliable verification system.” Bansak insinuate that discrimination will decrease if the person knew more of law and to prove more documents that verifies who they…

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