A Brief Note On Flat Tires And A Flat Tire Essay

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It does not matter how good of a drive one is, eventually everyone will get a flat tire. Flat tires can be annoying and time consuming, but if one knows the right steps it is easy and fast to fix. To fix a flat tire all one needs is a little knowledge about tires and some tools. With the right tools and knowledge fixing a tire is quick and painless.
The first step to fixing a flat tire is to be prepared for it, as it can happen at any time. To be prepared for a flat tire, one needs a few tools. These tools include a jack, a lug wrench, some wheel chocks, small blocks for locking wheels in place, and optionally some gloves and a flashlight. As these tools are an essential road maintenance tools, most vehicles manufactures provide these for car owners by including them with the car. The fun part is finding where they are stored inside of one’s car. Often these tools are stored near the spare tire, but can be located in other locations in one’s trunk as well. After checking, and or buying these tools, the next thing one needs is a spare tire. Spare tires are also often included with a car, but there are always rare exceptions. Just like one’s regular tires, the spare tire will also go flat over time, so it is important to remember to also check one’s spare tire frequently, usually about once a month. With some simple tools, and a spare tire, one is now ready to be able to fix a flat tire.
Pop! Hiss. Oh no, a tire got punctured. Do not panic. Getting a flat tire can be stressful…

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