A Brief Note On Clinical Nursing Educational Environments Essay

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Dishonesty in Clinical Nursing Educational Environments
The increasing need for quality health care providers is a looming issue for the United States. Much of the nursing population is aging and qualified nurses are not replacing experienced nurses at many institutions around the country. Snavely (2016) estimates that by 2022 the country will require 1.05 million nurses to fill the deficit and adequately care for the aging population. As generations continue to live longer, but with worsening health conditions, it is important for nursing education to take center stage.
As nursing schools attempt to accommodate an increase in nursing students they are often forced to use higher student to faculty ratios in both classroom and clinical environments. This places extra strain on nursing instructors and clinical instructors and inhibits them from personalizing education for each of the students. Students are also forced to practice nursing without direct supervision from the instructor in clinical settings. This requires the question: are students practicing safe medicine in patient care environments? There are ethical concerns about standards of care, clinical management, and student dishonesty in clinical situations. Institutions must determine the best techniques for preventing unethical behaviors in their student population.
Challenges in Nursing Clinical Education
Ultimately it is the responsibility of the clinical instructor to be accountable for the student. In…

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