A Brief Note On Career Investigation Report Preparation Essay

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Name: Labiba Alamgir
SAIT ID: 000743582
I was born in Bangladesh, immigrated to Canada as a permanent resident. Now, I am a Canadian Citizen. I have completed my high school graduation in Kamloops, B.C. After that, I moved to Calgary, Alberta with my family. I have been living in Canada for 5 years. I have travelled many places in my home country Bangladesh as the world’s longest sea beach “Cox’s Bazar”, Sundarban forest. Bangladesh is a Southeast Asian country and Canada is a North American country. These two countries have very different weather, culture and language. These different countries have helped me to gain greater appreciation for different cultures. Among many interests I love watching cricket and socializing the most. Cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh just like hockey in Canada. I love to socialize as well since it gives me the opportunity to learn about new people and cultures. Above all of my interests, the civil engineering industry fascinates me the most. Once I participated in a Popsicle Bridge Contest organized by APEGBC at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops as a part of extracurricular activity for my Physics 12 class. I did an abundance of research and built a bridge which could sustain heavy load. I won the second prize, but the experience was more valuable. That experience helped to realize my passion for designing, and construction even more. That’s why I chose the CVT program to be a…

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