A Brief Note On Als And Cte : Its Role Essay

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ALS and CTE: Its Role in Society
Sports have been a part of the United States’ history, dating back from the Greek to the
Roman civilizations. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, boxing, and swimming are just a few
Examples of sports that continue to impact society in today’s world. Although concussions cannot be avoided, they can sometimes be prevented. Security measures have been taken to reduce the risk of concussions, which caused many rules and regulations to be changed or implemented to prevent further head trauma. Rules should be changed to reduce head traumas, but should only be changed to the point where the athlete will not suffer other injuries that can alter their life forever. Some policies that can be implemented to protect athletes from further head trauma could be to personalize every athlete’s helmet by adding more cushion where they need it or by forcing the athlete to rest after receiving a concussion which will decrease the symptoms of concussions, ALS, and CTE.
Another disease caused by consistent blows to the head is CTE, or Chronic Traumatic
Encephalopathy. The disease causes the deterioration of brain and nerve cells. Although CTE can be diagnosed at an early stage, it can be deadly. The mind dies off with the body. CTE alters brain function causing many ailments such as excessive aggression, suicidal tendencies, shaking, uncontrollable movement, seizures, and depression. These ailments can lead to…

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