A Brief Experimental Design Of Experimental Approaches

Budget Justification
Vijaya M. Lella (also known as L. Vijaya Mohan Rao), Ph.D. Principal Investigator, 3.6 calendar months effort and salary. The P.I. will devote 30% of his effort on the proposed grant. He will assume overall responsibility for the proposed project, which includes supervision of all personnel involved in the project, planning, the design of experimental approaches, the close review of the data, data analysis & interpretation, preparation of manuscripts, and decisions as to priorities of activities and effort. The P.I. will also help the post-doctoral fellows and the research associate in purification of FVIIa variants and their characterization.

Usha Pendurthi, Ph.D. Co-investigator, 3.0 calendar months effort and salary. Dr. Pendurthi will help in the overall experimental design of the proposed study, data analysis and manuscript preparation. In addition, Dr. Pendurthi will help the post-doctoral fellow and the research associate in generating novel FVIIa derivatives, including primer design, cloning, transfection and expression of the proteins.

Shiva Keshava, Post-doctoral fellow, Ph.D., 12 calendar months effort and salary. Dr. Keshava has been working in the laboratory for the last 4 years. He is well trained in animal procedures, including tail vein injection, saphenous vein bleeding, and needle puncture knee injury. He is also expert in the immunohistochemistry. He is responsible for performing majority of animal experiments described

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