A Book About The Book ' Gym Candy ' Essays

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If a person is looking for a book about football, this one is for them. If somebody is looking for a book about steroids, this one is for them. If somebody is a strange individual looking for a read that depicts the downfall of someone who has been caught using steroids, goes through depression, and loses everything he worked for, this one is for that individual. Gym Candy was my choice this month because I needed something that would keep me interested, and thrilled. The beginning of the book really thrills while the end devastates and brings the reader back to reality. In Gym Candy, the main character is Mick Johnson, a football player at Shilshole High School. He is a young athlete who finds the need to do better than his dad. Mick was taught the game of football from the day he could walk when his dad gave him a little foam football and explained that to win the game, he had to get past him. The first time Mick was able to do so, he threw his hands into the air and his dad hugged him and congratulated him. Mick’s dad was an excellent football player in high school, then moved on to college and kept up the good football plays. Then went to the National Football League. Mick’s dad was drafted in the third round, but had no work ethic. As he was partying, skipping practices, and screwing around when he showed up, the administrators were planning his exit of the NFL. He lasted three weeks with the Seattle Seahawks. This failure drives Mick to prove to his dad he can do…

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