Personal Narrative On Goodmorning America

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I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday afternoon, the day my life took a graceless change for the worst. On the day May 1, 2008 I witnessed for the first time, a human being take it’s last breathe right before my eyes. The day started off as normal. I awakened around 9:08 that morning with joy of the beautiful day that was standing in front of me. I stretched, yawned, and hummed my favorite gospel tune all at once. Brushing my teeth and washing my face always came before stepping foot into the kitchen to cook breakfast and warm the coffee. As the birds chirped, and I opened the clumsy, lavender curtains that seemed to be able to fall at any minute, I watched the sun horizon over the light blue sky. The morning went right along with the enjoyment of watching my daily doze of “Goodmorning America” as i consumed a boiled egg, bacon, slightly burned toast with …show more content…
As the mustang got closer and closer, the homeless people continued to mosey in the middle of street. Looking right I could see the human in the car trying to brace himself and stop, but it was entirely too late. Before I could count to 5 the entire yellow mustang was in my right passenger door. The impact from the Mustang was so powerful, it moved my car forward causing me to hit the homeless men. They were both lying on the ground head first, literally bleeding to death. With panic and fear rushing through my body, I hurried out of the car limping with multiple bruises and cuts on my face, legs, and chest. As I got out car to check on the homeless men, I looked to the right and noticed that there was a baby in the backseat of the Mustang. I immediately ran over to the car. The two people that were in the front, both male and female around their early 20’s looked unconscious. I scrambled back to my car, hurried threw my purse which was smashed in between the now broken seats to find my phone. I then called the police and explained in a horrific manner the accident that had just

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