Essay on A Balance Between Books, Sports, And Food

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A Balance Between Books, Sports, and Food in College
For college students the term “eating right” has long been a synonym of McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, and other well-known fast food eateries. As popularly known, a transition represents an additional feat, and for most college students emigrating from high school to college it is an embodiment. While it is true that high school cafeterias are not as good; facing college and realizing that college cafeterias do not bear the best meals either, can surely be scary. Although, for many college students, what the cafeteria serves does not really matter; and for others, it is likewise irrelevant. As hard as it sounds, the current American students do not seem to understand the complications the human body goes through due to disappointing food choices. Additionally, on that point there is a coarse term for a college weight gain, especially for new students: “Freshmen 15” (Janeway, et al. 1). It is important to eat healthy; not only that, but also recognizing the peril of suffering of obesity and overweight at an early age in life. Equally importantly, physical activity is being presented as part of the solution to the erroneous food choices and its consequences. To say nothing, the economic situation of a college student enormously contributes to the problem or the solution to this mortal disease. On the other hand, it is clear that obesity and overweight in college students is not only part of the United States, but also,…

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