9th Grade English Essay

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Ninth grade English is very complex and simple at the same time. English has been around for a while and teaches many important skills to use. Students learn how to write many types of poems and essays. The students enrolled in ninth grade English read two books, “To Kill a Mocking Bird, and “Animal Farm.” Students even learned how to write in different ways and learn how to make what they write sound and flow better.
Poems are ways writers get to express what they think in different ways. Students learned how to write multiple different types of poems such as; villanelle, sonnet, and free verse. A villanelle poem could be confusing at times because of its long pattern. Villanelles have a pattern of nineteen lines of “ABA ABA” This pattern represents the rhyming that has to be in the poem; “A” has to rhyme with “A” and “B” has to rhyme with “B” to be a successful villanelle poem. A free verse poem is quite simple; it has no rhyme, rhythm or pattern. Sonnet is like the villanelle but also isn’t. Sonnet poems have fourteen lines with
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The book shows the lives of an animal running a farm with trials and tribulations in their path to come. “Animal Farm” shows of a corrupt leader with too much power and how he uses that power for his own advantage. The main characters in the book are; Napoleon, Boxer, Mollie, Squealer, and many more that play important roles in the book. In the story it has debate, and trials of animals living on a farm that they run and own. The animals got tired of being treated and fed by a farmer so they started a rebellion and broke free. As they rebelled, they attempted to get the other farms to side with them. “Napoleon sent out flights of pigeons whose instructions were to mingle with the animals on neighboring farms” Their effort of gathering up an army and to work together was a

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