7 Elements Of Services Case Study

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1. Which of the seven elements of the Services Marketing Mix are addressed in this case? Give examples of each ‘P’ you identify.

The following are some of the seven elements of the Services marketing Mix which are addressed in this case study;
Product- A product refers to anything that is offered to the market in order to satisfy a need or want (Kotler et.al, 2012). Products are divided into two broad categories depending on clients’ needs and wants, that is, consumer products and industrial products. Consumer products relate to those goods and services purchased by customers for consumption. Industrial products, on the other hand, are those commodities purchased for further processing. Marketers should make crucial product decisions, which
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At Beckett, the treatment cost is at times covered by insurance. However, the patients incur various non-financial costs, including time costs, physical costs, sensory costs and psychological costs.
I think Dr. Becket has adequately addressed this problem. Dr. Beckett knows that dental health problem is a major concern for most people in developed countries, and therefore, she carries out her duties in a professional manner by making patients as comfortable as possible.
3. How do Dr. Beckett and her staff educate patients about the service they are receiving? What else could they do?

At Beckett, all new patients are required to undertake an initial exam in order to enable Dr. Beckett and her staffs determine their needs and also carry out their services effectively. In so doing, patients are educated about Beckett’s services. Also, Dr. Beckett’s staffs are required to provide videos relating to dental operations. The patients are also provided with photo album, and this plays a critical role in reducing fears. Additionally, Dr. Beckett and her staff use brochures to educate
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What supplementary services are offered? How do they enhance service delivery?

Beckett offers both supplementary and facilitating services. According to Roos, Bainbridge and Jacobsen (2001), facilitating services are mainly utilized during service production, whereas enhancing supplementary services provides value to the product.
Facilitating supplementary services:
• Information: Employees at Beckett are required to inform the patients about the treatment procedures before treatment is done. Thus, patients get to know how the treatment is done and the time required for the operation.
• Order-taking- Patients are encouraged to make reservations for dental treatment.
Billing-Beckett’s staff members have the role of contacting patients’ insurance companies in order to collect

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