7 Adjectives For Adolf Hitler

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7 adjectives to describe Adolf Hitler:

1: Influential: Hitler gave many speeches and his hoarse, grating voice, won over 3,000 members, and boosted his power, making him a leader of the Nazi group. Hitler presented himself as a great leader, and many people thought he was the new redeemer and savior.

2. Creative: Hitler also gave the Nazi’ Party a new symbol; the swastika and its greeting ‘Heil!’ He wrote a book called “Mein Kampf” (My struggle) and it became wildly popular. It was known as the Bible of the Nazi Party.

3. Senseless: Hitler called Jews enemy number one and was basically responsible for 6 million of their deaths.

4. Selfish: Hitler blatantly blamed the whole Jewish race for all of Germany’s problems, and decided the solution was
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Brilliant: Hitler persuaded all of the strata in Germany to vote for him. In the 1930 elections the Nazi Party vote increased tremendously from 810,000 to 6,409,000.

7. Foolish: Hitler buried himself in a bunker in 1944 and had high hopes for his ‘secret weapons’ would turn the war around. He had planned maps and false armies that he threatened others with. He then concluded that if he died then Germany should be destroyed too.

What does the word Holocaust mean in a general sense and in a specific sense?
1. General Sense: German authorities targeted groups because they felt like their race was inferior to theirs. Other groups were perused because they had political, behavioral grounds, communists, socialists, and even homosexuals.
- Specific: The Holocaust was a systematic bureaucratic and state sponsored pursuit of 6 million people to have them all exterminated by the Nazi regime. The word Holocaust itself in the Greek origin means ‘sacrifice by fire.’

Who were the Nazi’s?
The Nazi’s were a society of followers to Adolf Hitler and his Beliefs that Jewish people were inferior and needed to suffer.
How many people were killed?
6 million Jewish people were killed and 11 million all

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