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Multiculturalism: Educating Society Reduces Racism

John Doe
Jstep University

HSER 509: Multicultural Issues in Human Services

Abstract Multiculturalism in education is an essential element in shaping America’s increasingly diverse society by reducing racism. This research takes a look at the relationship between multiculturalism and how educating the youth would cure racism. Multiculturalism is the view that cultural differences should be respected or even encouraged. The concept of multiculturalism reduces racism in our society because it forces people to communicate and understand individuals’ cultures that are different from theirs. Multiculturalism is very important in our Society. It helps us look at other cultures
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Doing this requires expanding the educator’s horizons, undertaking a study of other cultures and religions, learning other languages, and in general, immersing oneself in another tradition. Burch and Higbee make reference to several goals of multicultural education as they relate to the developmental process. Among these are the inculcation of respect for members of one group for those who are members of another, together with the exposure of students to numerous varied cultural possibilities and permutations. Young people learn to communicate better with those of other backgrounds, in the process breaking down inherently self-centered notions of identity. Stereotypes are worn away as pupils become more aware of the true personalities of their peers. The approach encourages a dialogue between teachers and students of all backgrounds, leading directly to an expansion of possibilities and a greater opportunity for learning as students and teachers learn to help one another and to assist in building up strengths and eliminating weaknesses. (Bruch & Higbee, 2002) A lack of tolerance and respect for diversity frequently results in stigmatization and permanent problems down the road. Members of minority groups with limited proficiency in the English language are commonly single out as learning disabled. Though these individual’s limited success in traditional

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