Essay about 500 Days Of Summer Movie Review

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Once upon a time in 2009 a movie came out called “500 Days of Summer” which turn out to be a realistic movie on love. The movie itself was practical and easy to follow, which made it a good movie. Tom and Summer were co workers at a greeting card company and eventually became something more. Tom and Summer than began to build a relationship more than a friendship. In the end Tom gets his heart broken and Summer end up married. Life is so funny. Overall it was a reasonable movie . What made this a great movie was the characters, the plot, and overall the look of the film.
Typically in movies the girl is the one who gets her heart broken not in this movie. Tom was the one who feelings were crushed. Rachel his little sister is the one giving him sound advice about how to deal with the relationship and moving one. The move starts off like in the present tense and rewind to the past to explain everything. Mckenzie and Paul his best friend tries their best to give advice about something they have never experienced. Mckenzie gives off this desperate feel and has never been in a serious relationship. Paul cannot relate to Tom problems because has been with the same girl since high school. While going through his ups and downs his boss does not make it any easier. Tom tries to let Summer led in what ever they supposed to be and in the end losing her.
In addition of the characters the plot was okay. In the beginning the movie show Tom breaking plates but they never tie that back…

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