5 People You Meet In Heaven

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In the book The 5 people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom, an amusement park worker named Eddie takes his last walk on earth when he went to go fix a drop ride called Freddy’s Freefall. A pulley ripped one of the cables, steel wires on one of the carts, and the cart was hanging over the amusement park. When Eddie and Willie went up on a ladder to fix it, Willie released the cart when he was told not to because he did not hear Eddie say not to release the cart. As a result, Eddie fell onto a metal platform and died. Throughout the book, Eddie meets 5 people that had to do with a certain point in his life. Each of those 5 people Eddie meets in heaven had a certain theme or lesson to teach Eddie, but there was one theme that portrayed throughout …show more content…
The chapter starts out with everything white, and then a loud noise continues to bother him until he yells. It ended up being children playing at a river. Some girl motions to Eddie and while he is walking towards her, he falls, but the wind catches his balance (pgs. 179-184). The little girl was Asian and her name was Tala. She ended up being the girl who he saw in the hut fire that the captain said was not there. Eddie started crying because he knew he killed her. Eddie then asked god for forgiveness. Tala was burned really bad from the fire, so she asked Eddie to clean her with a stone. As he rubbed the stone on Tala, her burns disappeared and she was healed. Eddie asked Tala about the girl at the pier, and it ended up being Tala as an angel. The river then began to rise, and the children disappeared. He felt like his body was being washed from his soul and everything the represented hurt washed away. All of the colors that he saw were emotions of his life (pgs 185-194). The book ended with Eddie at peace with Marguerite at the pier that he worked at. They then called it home. Tala was his angel of heaven, and if he saves her in the fire, she probably would not have been his angel and he would not of saved the girl at the pier. This shows that what happened was not a random act in life and it all happened for a

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