Essay about 4g Wireless Network

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4G Wireless Networks
Assignment 2
Professor Otto
Information System Decision-Making
November 3, 2012

1. Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of services and application, network architecture, data throughput and user perceptions.
With the world’s need for faster and efficient technology, 3G and 4G networks gives subscribers a wide range of advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through increased bandwith, transfer rates and spectral efficiency. In the simplest terms 3G and 4G are the third and fourth generation data networks. 3G opened a whole new realm of possibilities with applications that allows users to stream video and audio, video calling, video conferencing and a huge
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Reports have shown Fixed WiMax can provide speeds of up to 75 Mbps and Mobile WiMax offering speeds of up to 30 Mbps. When WiMax standard of 802.16d (fixed WiMax) was upgraded to 802.16e (Mobile WiMax) it was made to be backwards compatible with its previous version. Like LTE, WiMax is also backward compatible with 3G technologies. (Conjecture Corp 2012). The service availability for WiMax is limited in that it only allows so many users on the standard and will cut off any additional users trying to use the connection. There are no substantial differences in problem rates for other data-related issues between 4G LTE and WiMAX. The WiBro 4G network technology stands for Wireless Broadband. This is offered as an alternative to WiMax. It is a radio service for broadband, mobile access designed in Korea for the purpose of maintaining connectivity on the go. There are similarities between WiBro and WiMax in that the transmission speeds for both are same. However, WiBro has the ability to mark out a receiver that is stirring from one location to another location at speeds of up to 74 miles per hour. WiMax avoids this because it requires a stationary antenna for receiving the signal (Conjecture Corp 2012). 3. Identify why the competition between the 4G LTE carriers has been so fierce and describe the benefits of this competition to the subscribers.
One of the driving factors causing competition between

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