4 Little Girls Film Review

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On Saturday night, at the Academy's annual Governors Awards in Hollywood, the American film director, producer and actor - Spike Lee, Debbie Reynolds (American actress, singer, dancer and film historian) and the American film, stage and television actress - Gena Rowlands, were all given an Honorary Oscar for their contributions to the film industry.

Spike Lee, who has produced over 35 films since 1983, has never won an Oscar in spite of the previous nominations for Best Original Screenplay for 1989's American comedy-drama film - Do the Right Thing and Best Documentary Feature for 1997's American historical documentary film - 4 Little Girls.

While the 85 year old Madison, Wisconsin born actress - Gena Rowlands, who with her late husband John Cassavetes (Greek-American actor, film director and screenwriter) is widely credited with creating the model for American indie cinema, is a two-time Best Actress nominee for her and her husband's monumental film A Woman Under the Influence, and again for a Gena Rowlands' turn in his movie Gloria in 1980.

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