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Activity One

Data Management

Human resources is the key department in the organization which keeps, maintain, updates the data. There is the number of reasons why organisations collect different types of information. One of them is meeting legal requirements. In order to satisfy legal obligations we collect such as information as hours worked to prove how many hours employees have worked (Working Times Regulations), pay rates to show pay details of the employee (Minimum Wage Act). Eligibility to work in UK is also a legal requirement and organisation need to have evidence of this. All this information enable employer to monitor legislation compliance.

Another reason of why organisations collect information is to have a point of
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Employee records include information about individual worker such as:

• Personal details – name, contact details, date of birth, NI Number, CV, qualifications

• Signed contract and offer letter which contains information about terms and conditions of employment such as - employees starting date, salary rate, hours of work, holiday entitlement, copy of the workers agreement

• Employment history contains information about training, courses, any letters about changes in the contract

• Details about employees absence – sickness, any other absence, lateness, maternity or paternity leave

• Details about Investigations, Disciplinaries

• Benefits – information about employees Insurance, Pension Scheme

By keeping accurate records of the employee helps HR to ensure that staff receives correct pay, salary incremental and any other benefits at the right time. By monitoring employees absence, sickness and lateness gives evidence for disciplinary.

All personal information is very confidential, all records and files must be kept safely and securely.

How HR data are should be recorded, managed and stored.

It is very important to store HR information safely and securely and to be able to access information quickly and use it effectively. HR Department holds some of the most confidential information.

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