Big Data In Healthcare

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Big Data in healthcare is used to predict about epidemics, cure disease, improve quality of life and how to avoid preventable deaths (Magoulas, Roger; Lorica, Ben, 2009) .Marr (2015 )states “If you want to find out how Big Data is helping to make the world a better place, there’s no better example off course than the uses being found for it in healthcare “No doubt says Crag (2013) The Big Data opportunity is the opportunity which is one of the most tangible in the healthcare industry.
The benefits of big data regarding health care services include the empowerment of consumers to better track, best manage, and improve their own and their family’s health (Craig, 2013) . In healthcare, digital technology is also helping to reduce inefficiencies
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Eysenbach (2012) says these health care providers are facing a growing need, how to manage costs while improving quality of care and focusing more on patient’s recovery outcomes. Healthcare providers are exploiting data for themselves and they are more concerned about, how to improve patient care and operations. Petrie, 2015 asserts that Data sources that can be used together to gain a full picture of a patient can essentially include the …show more content…
For this positive change following recommendations are suggested.
Healthcare organizations need to devote time and many resources to visioning and planning in order to implement successfully big data and should get the benefit which big data can bring. Without this preparation, organizations will not realize the benefits of big data and will risk being left behind from the competitors.
It is a good idea to establish a business intelligence center of excellence with a focus on big data.
Healthcare’s future is still on the way and under construction “We need to remove the barriers of time and space between the patient, the doctor, and the healthcare administrator,” PwC’s Garrett says. “He further goes on to say that It’s about not just crunching a lot of data, but inserting that data at key moments when healthcare is delivered and

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