3M Corporation

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Introduction to 3M Corporation

3M Corporation is an industrial conglomerate that develops products which serve propose in a variety of industries. The original function of 3m was mining. Founded in 1902, 3M was originally known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. This firm’s main function was to harvest the mineral corundum, extremely hard aluminum oxide. This mineral is found in a crystalline form. Some precious stones such as rubies and sapphires are some types of corundum. 3M mined out of a mine known as Crystal Bay. Although this was the intention function of the company they have since moved into the huge industry leader it is today. 3M focus has since shifted into mining other materials and developing products. Since its
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These products are used in various industries such as safety, Transportation, Manufacturing, health Care, and electronics amounts others. 3M boast a portfolio of brands. Some of their featured brands are but not limited to ACE, which are bandages, braces, wraps, etc. and Scotch Tape, which is used for various applications.
Goals and Mission of 3M
The Mission at 3M has evolved over the years. From the early beginnings as a mining company to an industrial conglomerate who’s products are present in various industries. From sandpaper to post it notes all the way to real-time facial recognition technology, 3M has an extensive catalog of products. This level of wide-ranging products requires the people at 3M to continually innovate and develop products.
When reviewing the evolution of 3M there are fundamental, or core values, which the company has adopted to further the mission of 3M and realize the goals set forth. At 3M the leadership implemented core values to which it holds every member of the organization accountable for the compliance of. Many organizations have similar values like those of social responsibility, integrity, and superior service. In an organization like 3M with so many moving parts, and recognition to set the example in the global
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Philanthropy became increasingly import at 3M as well. Other development which occurred which sprung from the earlier goals of the firm was the investment into the health care industry. The company continued to innovate and expand its position globally. As the firm continued to expand into the global markets the goals had to shift to serve other purposes beyond the growth of revenue. The company was a huge producer of was and pollution, thus, 3M became involved with lowering the amount of pollution its business products. Although it can be safe to assume that some political and social pressures may have also influenced the company to take such measures it is important for one to be ethical and be held accountable for its practices and the consequences resulting due to those practices.
This focus, as well as the other building blocks of 3M, has only strengthened and have become the cornerstone of the company’s overall vision and mission apart from continuous innovation and incremental improvement to its already vast empire. Once the 1990’s came about the company began to add a new focus to its mission and core value structure. This also stemmed from some of the firms earlier beliefs and practices. The company began to campaign heavily into building customer loyalty. 3m placed great emphasis on value, service, and superior

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