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The 18 human resources staffs execute the program's SMART goals by way of specific mechanisms, and they measure the progresses being made toward the attainment of those goals. There is also a group of 3 in-house staffs whose jobs are: to create in-house activities such as card games, music programs, bingo, etc... . There is a kitchen crew of 5 who prepare and serve food to clients. Finally, there is a housekeeping and maintenance crew of 5 whose jobs are: to keep the facility clean; to take care of plumbing and minor electrical problems; and to perform "linen change" on a specific day of the week where all clients turn in their dirty linens for clean ones. So far I have described the following organizational structures at the specific BFFY's facility mentioned earlier: first, a group of 18 human resources staffs whose "watch over" job has many parts and …show more content…
Keep in mind that the facility is being run 24/7. It has to be fully staffs all day and night, with the exception of the kitchen crew, in-house staffs, and housekeeping and maintenance crew who are not available 24 hours a day, but are available daily. Only human resources staffs cover 3 eight-hour shifts within 24 hours in the day. Since the 24-hour a day is divided into three 8-hour shifts, there are 3 sets of 18 human resources staffs filling each of the shifts within the 24-hour day. The various duties of the human resources staffs are crucial to the success of the program; therefore, it is mandatory that there are minimally15 human resources staffs (but ought to be 18 human resources staffs) present at all time during each eight-hour

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