Analyzing Hannah Baker's '13 Reasons Why'

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Caitlin Tinkham
English IV
Ms. Gawith
29 September 2017
Someone Else’s Love In the novel, 13 Reasons Why, written by Jay Asher, a high school student, Hannah Baker, commits suicide by swallowing pills in result of despair, bullying and betrayal. Hannah leaves behind sets of cassette tapes sent to 13 different people to tell them how they played a role in her death. One of the recipients, Clay Jensen, believes at first, he could have saved Hannah from committing suicide. In the end, he technically blames Hannah for her own death. Hannah did not try to save herself, she waited for people to save her. To her surprise, they didn’t. Thirteen13 people were on a set of cassette tapes, because they apparently lead her to commit suicide, but she left one person out that caused a lot of damage,
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Hannah Baker could have saved herself from suicide, however, she failed to do so, because she did not love herself enough to try. Hannah was looking for someone to heal her, she was already falling apart before Justin Foley, the first person on the cassette, came in the picture. Hannah suggests that she wants the people on the tape to feel guilty, so they think twice before hurting someone. Hannah quotes,” I guess that's the point of it all. No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Often times, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same” (Asher 68). Hannah thought other people could save her from depression. She desperately looked for the love she could not give herself, as she says in cassette, “A lot of you cared, but not enough” (Asher 152). In reality, if someone has a hard time loving their own self, it’s going to be hard for someone else to love that person

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