11th and 12th section review Essays

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1. What was America’s first major industry? In what region of the nation did it center? Lowell, Massachusetts(Northeast). Textiles became America’s first major industry.
2. Name three of this era’s important inventors and their respective inventions. John Deere perfected the plow. Cyrus McCormick, in 1834, received a patent for a reaping machine, a horse-drawn device that allowed one man to cut and stack ten to twelve acres of grain in a single day. Samuel Colt made his mark on the firearms industry. He patented and manufactured a “six-shooter,” a pistol with a revolving cylinder which allowed a user to fire six times before reloading.
3. Why was the discovery of anthracite coal in western Pennsylvania important?
American farm
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What was the most controversial reform movement of the first half of the nineteenth century? Who was its most important leader?
Without doubt the most controversial reform movement in the first half of the nineteenth century was abolitionism, the movement to eliminate slavery and William Lloyd Garrison.
2. What were the two important trends in American education in the early 1800s?
Two important trends developed in the reform of American education during this period: the growth of both public education and teacher education. Most schooling since colonial days had been a private affair.
3. What is the difference between temperance and Prohibition?
Reformers eventually replaced their call for temperance, or moderate drinking, with a call for the outright prohibition, or banning, of the sale and consumption of alcohol.
4. How did utopian reformers differ from other reformers?
Most reformers focused on a single major problem in society, such as prison reform or alcohol, and aimed at eliminating the problem throughout society. Utopian reformers, on the other hand, sought to establish small, perfect communities that would serve as models for the reform of society at large. (A utopia is an ideally perfect place.
5. Which authors defended romanticism’s idea that man is basically good? Which authors denied this idea?
6. How did the journalistic approach of the New York Sun differ from that of the New York Tribune? He Sun contained sensational

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