Essay on 10k vs Annual Report

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(Vince) Xin T. zhou
BA 2196 Section (027)/Instructor Andrea Hornett
Writing Assignment #3: Analysis 10K vs. Annual Report

Every year Wal-Mart files an annual report to inform their share holders with the company’s most recent activities and financial position. The report’s intentions are to establish and maintain a relationship with its stock holders. In contrast, the 10k report files through Security Exchange Commission (SEC) for public companies to show their performance and operation statistics. The first intent is to provide detail statistics for serious investors and stock analysts. The second intent is to provide detail information of employment benefits for their employees.
The design/layout
The Wal-Mart’s annual
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Visual techniques
The annual report is designed as an interactive document. It grabs the readers’ attention by displaying pictures of employees, distribution centers and customers in every segment of the report. The purpose is to start the first step of relationship building. Readers are able to relate the name “Wal-Mart” to the faces from the company. Moreover, the annual report spreads its information wider apart than the 10k report and their fonts are much larger, because their goal is to keep shareholders’ interest to read on. On the contrary, the 10k report is designed as an informative document. Each segment in the general business section has charts and tables to support its claims of the company’s performance. There are almost no white spaces on the report and it is written in small font, because serious investors and stock analysts are more use to process documented information. Effectiveness
The annual report successfully targets its audience by using a personal tone of language. The vibrant pictures and large headings capture the readers’ attention to read on. They focus on stating the Wal-Mart’s goal as a company, save families’ money and allow them to live better. The 10k report is much more informative on Wal-Mart’s performance statistics. It successfully targets serious investor and stock analysts because it display all

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