1.Write an Executive Summary of Your Marketing Plan for Alert Medical Bracelets

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My Life Alert Bracelet will use many distribution channels to benefit the company success, and use strategies to help promote its product. My Life Alert Bracelet will take advantage of the special promotion provided by our company. We will establish an email database, so we can send customers our special coupons and invite them for the perfect sale events that we offer for that season. We can also attach our coupons to the customer’s receipts to allow future saving on their purchases. Therefore we will be using different advertisements to get our name out to all of the community near and far off. Our goal will be to display the product we offer. Another technique will be to advertise our low coast products to the local community and …show more content…
The M.L.A.B. will help the medical staff or medical personnel to assist you in a timely manner. The promotion strategies that will be utilized in our company will be as follow: 1.Sale Promotion will be one of the methods used to help out with our company promotion strategy. Sale promotion is commonly used for the increase in a sale for a short period. 2. Public Relation it will help develop a positive relationship with the media/media. this will hopefully help the company to handle all negative attention while remaining professional with a successfully mind frame. 3. Personal Selling offering face to face one on one sale to our customers, giving them the best quality sales. 4. Direct Mail this is personalizing the mail by putting the name of the target audience you are trying to reach out too. This will directed to a particular person in hope to increase sales. 5. Sponsorship this is networking in giving another organization the permission to list our product or use our logos. By using this method normally have high profiles that are seen by a large

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