Summary of Decameron tales

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    Gender roles have been around us for so long that people have forgotten how life would even be like with no classifications. Life as we know it would cease to exist if male and female humans were honestly all treated the same. The reason for this is simple and very direct, humans although want equality demonstrate the complete opposite. There is media now in day that include, books, novels, movies, theater performances, and so much more that reflect how poorly and how little todays society respect woman. Through words, pictures, adjectives, and examples, woman are constantly humiliated, mistreated, and unappreciated due to typical gender role stereotypes. In the society and the time setting frame that Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron is…

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    Miss Julie is naturalistic play written by August Strindberg in 1888. A naturalistic piece is a more extreme form of realism that is defined as “An avant-garde movement, which flourished between 1880 and 1914, that portrayed heredity and environmental factors as the primary causes of human behavior through the accurate rendition of external realities,” explains editor Tobin Nellhaus. Miss Julie contains these naturalistic elements as it takes place in real time and focuses heavily on survival of…

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    everyone has in common is the struggle of life. In this specific quote, Giovanni Boccaccio refers to the treatment of women in society, which leads to a lifetime of internal suffering. In times of struggle, the Bubonic Plague showed compassion in those who were comforted by the empathy of others. Giovanni Boccaccio and Petrarch, the leading humanists during the Renaissance, wrote, “ Italian, not Latin, which elevated the literary status of the vernacular, or common, language” (Wilhelm and…

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