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  • The Tortoise In The Tortoise And The Rabbit

    How does the tortoise know he will win in The Tortoise and the Rabbit? How does the tortoise trick the antelope in quitting the race before he even crossed the finish line in The Tortoise and the Antelope? These two fables show very valuable lessons for success in life. Though both are compelling in different ways, they hold more similarities than you may realize. The tortoise is the sharpest animal in these fables while obviously the rabbit and antelope are gullible and smug animals that need…

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  • Stalin Regime In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    The Animal Farm by George Orwell 1945 was based on the events in Russia around the time of Stalin’s ruling. There are several ways in which Animal Farm is based off Russia’s period under Stalin’s rule are similar, therefore satirizing the events in the period. To begin with there were resemblance in the motivation for the revolution/ rebellion. Furthermore an obvious common outcome of the uprisings was caused by dictators with alike priorities and ethics. To continue the two rulers had a…

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  • Frida Khalo Analysis

    Frida Khalo, is an artist from Coyocoán, Mexico City, Mexico. She was born on July 6, 1907. She started painting after she was injured in a bus accident. She painted 143 paintings and 55 are self-portraits, which were from events in her life, from being tense, vibrant, lost and in love. Khalo married the artist Diego Rivera who is a communist. Then she exhibited her paintings in Mexico and Paris, before she died in 1954. From one of Khalos famous art pieces painted in 1939 was called, The Two…

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  • Animal Farm Power Analysis

    In the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, Orwell expresses how the utilization and abuse of power can affect a union. In the novel he expresses the Russian Revolution in the form of an allegory in which important figures are portrayed as animals. His main characters Napoleon and Mr. Jones illustrate how the misuse of power can lead to corruption and oppression, while Old Major shows that not everyone with power will abuse that responsibility. At the start of the novel, readers are introduced…

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  • Killer Pig Dancers Analysis

    Killer Pig, preformed by the dance company L-E-V, demonstrates expressions of minimalism and intense honesty. The dance voiced the idea of a present force that influences the actions of the dancer leading to the natural instinct to kill. The dance gave off the impression of a primitive state through the erratic articulation of dancer’s bodies and their nude costumes. The combination of the lighting, music, choreography, and costumes allowed the audience understand the concept behind the dance.…

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  • Continuities And Changes In Russia Essay

    During the period 1855 – 1956 Russia was involved in many major wars, all of which played an important role in its development. With the exception of the Second World War many of the wars Russia was involved led to defeats for them and these defeats exposed the weakness of the Tsar or government in charge. War outlined the flaws in the presiding system and highlighted Russia’s faults, and thus placed a spotlight upon the shortcomings of the Russian leadership. Such pressure prompted the Tsars…

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  • Loyalty In Animal Farm

    Furthermore, each literary work employs characters to illustrate loyalty. Orwell and Twain demonstrate this trait in various ways and the first way is through individuals who are loyal to society. Animal Farm is quick to symbolize this type of loyalty through the horse Boxer who is one of the first characters introduced and one of the characters that are most thoroughly described. His main characteristic is fervent devotion and it is clearly demonstrated when he injures himself but as soon as…

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  • Big Bad Wolf Research Paper

    Once upon a time, there “was” three little pigs and a big bad wolf. At, first the pigs were skeptical with moving next to a wolf's house, for obvious reasons. The first pig built his house out of straw, the second pig made his out of twigs, and the third pig made his out of concrete. When night fall came and the pigs were sleeping, the big bad wolf came out, since he was asleep all day. The big nasty wolf schemed day and night and decided it was time for supper for himself. “ I can’t wait for…

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  • Napoleon's Thirst For Power In Animal Farm

    Napoleon does not seem to be satisfied with what he has. Instead, he secures his authoritative figure and the pigs’ position so that the pigs are placed at a more superior level to the others. For example, his decision of building a schoolroom exclusively for educating the pigs, not only differentiates the pigs from the labouring classes, but more importantly, it is a clear illustration of Napoleon’s thirst for power due to his intention to indoctrinate the young pigs on how ideal a leader he is…

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  • Joseph Stalin's Biggest Mass Murderer

    Joseph Stalin, to put it simply, is the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world. He is plain evil, and that is what makes him so intriguing. From Stalin’s harsh adolescent years, to his crime ridden young adult years, and finally the years of his dictatorship, the life of Joseph Stalin is one for the books. Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born on December 18, 1879 in the Russian occupied country of Georgia. The Djugashvili family was desperately poor. Josef’s father was a…

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