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  • The Importance Of Protest Music

    What is protest music? In general, most people would say protest music is songs connected to current or previous events. According to Salamishah Tillet, “Young musicians, some famous, others grassroots, are finding their role in today’s social movements through a simultaneous revival and redefinition of the protest song tradition.” I agree with Salamishah Tillet that musicians are trying to find their role in life by exploring life. (I like how you put your own personal feelings you have towards…

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  • Sleepers Movie Analysis

    Ethical decisions may not always be the right decision according to law but they can be right according to the circumstances. Ethics is a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct. We are all faced with ethical decisions in our life at some point. We have to determine whether or not the choices we make are worth the compromise of our values. At the beginning of every priests career they take a vow of obedience, celibacy, and…

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  • 1984 Winston's Relationship Analysis

    Relationships In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the author portrays the relationships between people as one’s that are essentially close, sexual, and forbidden by the Party. Two main relationships that make an impact in this book would be Winston’s connection with both Julia and O’Brien. This book illustrates that power and authority can be used to destroy individuality and break the bonds of love as shown through the relationship between Winston and his wife Katherine, and between Winston and…

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  • The Affects Of Environment In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

    in In Cold Blood In a nonfiction book, In Cold Blood, the author, Truman Capote, tells the story of the murder case of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas, in 1959. The novel is based on real-life crime which was committed by two convicts: Perry Smith and Richard Hickock. The crime is mentioned early on a book before the story begins: "four shot gun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives" (Capote 5). Those six lives are the four members of the Clutter family, and the two murderers who…

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  • The Failure Of Political Protest And Violence At The Olympics

    far as boycotting the 1980 games in Moscow. In 1984 the Soviet Union boycotted the games in LA. In the 1972 Munich games 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped and slaughtered just because of their religion. In the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood up and did the black power salute instead of singing the national anthem. The political, religious and racial actions committed at the games were ultimately ineffective and the Olympics were not the time or the place to do…

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  • Adam Smith Critique

    Adam Smith is often believed to be an economist due to his theories on the economy but he was at heart a philosophical theorist. As we have learned in this course, Smith had theories about the way the economy worked but he attached these theories to human nature and how humans organize and make sense of the social world. In his book The Wealth of Nations Smith discusses the division of labour, and its relation to supply and demand. Additionally he discusses the innate nature of the desire for…

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  • The Influence Of Adam Smith: The Father Of Economics

    idea of economics has relevant since the beginning of time. Economics is the social science having to do with production, consumption and transfer of wealth in a society or country. Scottish philosopher and economist, Adam Smith, is known as the “The Father of Economics.” Smith is known for proposing many modern ideas such as, the invisible hand, gross domestic product, and the theory of compensating wage differentials. He is also greatly known for his books, “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” and…

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  • Analysis Of Landscape Is Our Sex By David Heyrmann

    the logic – fruit is red; apples are fruit; therefore apples are red. After showing a series of red apples, one must conclude that apples are red. However, the argument fails in the presence of a custard apple or a granny smith. Similarly, Heymann’s examples exclude the granny smith apples of commercial architecture and omits the custard apples of residential architecture completely (with the exception of the Simpson-Lee House by Glenn Murcutt). Did Frank Gehry equate a fish to the landscape to…

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  • David Hume Personal Identity Analysis

    An Analysis on Personal Identity The philosophical question of who I am, or personal identity is an arduous question to answer. There are two questions that derive in personal identity. What makes these memories or mental events mine? And what how do these events unify into making me the same person I was yesterday, or ten years ago? This essay will go over the works of John Locke, considered to be the first philosopher to give a theorem in regards to personal identity, Thomas Reid, who…

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  • Similarities Between We The Animals And The Bell Jar

    How Much Should the Author’s Life be Known Authors Sylvia Plath of “The Bell Jar” and Justin Torres of “We the Animals” both incorporated many of their personal life events and struggles into their debut novels. By incorporating their hardships into their literary work, the two books provide an extensive look into both of the author 's frustration and fanciful imagination. In “The Bell Jar”, the protagonist, Esther Greenwood, is first described as a studious girl who, through her education,…

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