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  • Nonviolent Resistance To Non Violence Essay

    The call to respond together, creatively and constructively, to all forms of violence comes of from Christian leaders, such as Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pope Francis. As a young citizen, I promote Peace by learning about people and their cultures, non-violently protests about racism, and negotiation. Throughout history Christian and non-Christian leaders have encouraged non-violence. Jesus said “ Turn the other cheek.” Gandhi created marches in India to nonviolently protest…

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  • Walden Analysis Essay

    Henry David Thoreau, born in Concord, Massachusetts, was one of the most influential transcendentalist of his time. Getting away from the growing industrial town of Concord he escaped into the open, wooded lands around the pristine Walden pond. He passed his days observing and documenting his surroundings like the breeze rustling the branches of trees and shrubs, animals scurrying about the barren grounds, or the way that the rain hit the surface of the quaint pond and slowly rippled. He…

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  • Emerson's The Masque Of The Red Death

    All literature figures play a key role to shape the history of the world; within American literature, authors and poets alike create unique stories of fiction and non-fiction novels. Some are easy to read but others will take time to understand, depending on the level of reading that the reader carries. American literature within history should be cherished to everyone to instill the spirit and tradition passing to the next generation. “The Masque of the Red Death” was written by one of the…

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  • Alternative Forms Of Civil Disobedience

    participate in our democracy. With voting participation at about 50% in presidential elections (and dismally lower in midterms and local elections), alternative forms of participation are more important now than ever. Martin Luther King Jr., Henry David Thoreau, and Edward Snowden exemplify how effective civil disobedience…

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  • Importance Of Nature In Ralph Waldo Emerson And Henry David Thoreau

    Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau both teach the importance of simplicity. Thoreau does so in Walden and Emerson in Self- Reliance. Emerson focuses on nature and the significance to appreciate it without all the distractions. Thoreau uses Emerson’s ideas and focuses on how the economy and money was taking our time away from being grateful for the little things in life. They both saw the simplicity of hard work and going for what one desires in life, to appreciate nature in a more…

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  • Nature And Nature In Transcendentalism In Rappaccini's Daughter

    Transcendentalism is a literary movement that developed in the early 1830’s and according to scholar Lawrence Buell in his book, Literary Transcendentalism; Style and vision in the American Renaissance, emerged “as an expression of radical discontent within American Unitarianism” (4). Transcendentalists rejected the strict Unitarian ways of thinking of the time period, which promoted reason and logic. Instead, they practiced a more spiritual and individualized way of life. They emphasized…

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  • Individualism And Transcendentalism

    writers try to write based on a simpler life, spirituality, and going beyond the natural world as we see it however, there was no scientific evidence going into their writing leading to the argument that this type of literary work is not correct. Henry David Thoreau was one of many writers in a group known as the “Transcendental Club”. This club include the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote the iconic…

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  • Mccandless Is A Transcendentalist Analysis

    Essena O’Neill is nineteen years old. People already call her crazy and insane because of decisions that she made. O’Neill joined Instagram a few years back, similar to most teenage girls. She posted photos of herself to the site. She wanted to show off how she was so skinny, how she was so pretty, how she was so “perfect”. O’Neill wanted to prove to herself that she was not an awkward teenager who had no friends. She wanted to be “cool” and feel loved through how many likes a photo received.…

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  • Theme Of Materialism In Henry David Thoreau

    Henry David Thoreau, an unconventional Romantic writer, uses his experience at Walden Pond to decipher the significant elements of life. Through his time spent in solitude, he ponders upon personal development and wishes to “live deliberately” and simply. Thoreau’s idea of living simply and reflecting on the important things in life allows him to realize that society is filled with a myriad of detrimental matters, including the prominent materialistic mindset, unnecessary distractions including…

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  • Things Fall Apart And Walden Analysis

    Throughout time the written history of the world literature has been able to bring a new perspective into unknown subjects for readers across the world. Bringing a new perspective on the world around them causes individuals to become greater thinkers and it allows them to question their motives and other people 's motives in order to improve their lives or other peoples lives. It also gives us a look into different cultures and to find similarities of that culture with our own cultures. This…

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