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  • Personal Narrative: Two Tales Of Survival

    worse tales of survival and making it out alive from the past, especially in times of prejudice and warfare. One of the worst cases in history of prejudice, in our case against Jews, and warfare is World War II. Krystyna, a young Jewish child, and Anne Frank both went through this tough time, and even though one didn’t make it out alive, their tales are inspiring and…

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  • Anne Arundel And Fort Bend County Socioeconomics

    The data collected in the previous table was based off the SoVI 2006-2010 Variables, this is the data that is compiled for the Social Vulnerability Index for both Maryland and Texas. In many categories both Anne Arundel and Fort Bend were similar in percentage. Looking specifically at Anne Arundel County socioeconomic risks, they have high income, educational levels, and housing. However, there are some racial, and income groups that are higher for risk. Fort Bend County has a high quality of…

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  • In Spite Of Everything I Still Believe People Are Good At Heart Analysis

    In her diary, Anne Frank famously wrote, “In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart.” Why would she say that when all of these terrible things are happening in her family? What was going through her head when she wrote this? Who was she talking about? Anne Frank had a lot going through her mind while she was in hiding. She had no one to talk to, so she held in all of her thoughts to herself. Anne showed huge amounts of courage along with positivity. Throughout her whole…

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  • Compare And Contrast Anne Frank

    punished for who you were born as. Well Anne Frank didn’t have to imagine this, instead this was her reality. Anne Frank was born a Jew and grew up her first years of childhood as a normal kid. Soon her life turned around and her and all of the Jew population was being punished. The play and the movie were different and alike in many ways, but after analyzing both, the movie is much more preferred. The story of Anne Frank. (Based on The Diary of Anne Frank movie) Anne was a young normal teen…

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  • Anne Frank Legacy

    eleven days before she was taken captive by the Nazis, Anne Frank wrote, “I want to go on living even after my death! And that 's why I 'm so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that 's inside me” (Frank 249, 251). Anne’s hope was that she could create her own legacy through her writing. Anne Frank enlightens the world through her wisdom, though she never knew her work was published. Anne Frank inspires many because she continues to…

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  • Miep Gies Is A Hero Essay

    The Holocaust, it was a huge event in national history, and it affected thousands of people. In June of 1942, with the dreaded situation for the Jews, the Franks decided to go into hiding in secret in their office building. Along with a few others, Miep Gies agreed to be a "helper," to them, by bringing them food that she would collect from different food sources, with illegal ration cards her husband had procured as part of the Dutch resistance. Miep and her colleagues also made sure that the…

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  • Miep Gies: A Short Story

    To illustrate, the Holocaust began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. However, it came to an end when the Nazis were defeated by the Allied powers in 1945. This was a very tough and critical time especially for Jewish people. Approximately two-thirds of the Jews living in Europe were killed by the Nazis and about 11 million people were killed in all, six million of these were Jews. These poor people were put in all kinds of different camps, including concentration, extermination…

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  • Anne Frank: Over 1 Million Children Died In The Holocaust

    Anne Frank Essay “Over 1.1 million children died in the Holocaust” (Lehnardt). All of these poor children had a life, a family, a goal, and all the other things that life offered. But because of one man, Adolf Hitler, their hopes and dreams were crushed. Especially since children were particularly targeted because if they lived, they would be the next generation of Jews(Lehnhardt). Among these poor children, was Anne Frank. Even though the Holocaust was a terrible event, if it wouldn’t of…

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  • Write An Informative Essay On Miep Gies

    Everyone has heard of the legend Anne Frank, but who hid her and her family for the 2 years? Miep Gies! Miep Gies kept Anne Frank and her family alive during their time of need. Miep is a courageous woman who overcame hardships throughout her childhood and risked her life for the sake of others. Miep was born in Vienna, Austria, and was the second daughter of two working parents. Her Mom and Dad were not suitable to raise Miep and her sister. Their home had little food and even littler work.…

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  • Summary Of The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

    At the age of four, Anne’s father, mother, and sister moved to Amsterdam and Anne joined them when she reached the age of five. She lived here and enrolled in school. Anne loved school and missed it dearly while she lived in hiding. Her outstanding academics resulted in her acceptance into the Jewish Lyceum. She studied there until her family left to live in hiding. The family left when her older sister, Margot, received a letter requiring her to leave for a work camp. In order to not leave any…

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