Chillingworth's Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In The Scarlet Letter, there are three main characters that go by the names: Pearl, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth. Pearl is the daughter of Hester Prynne, who committed adultery with Dimmesdale, therefore, she must wear a scarlet “A” on her breast. Chillingworth is the true husband of Hester Prynne and he may have some darker secrets than anyone had thought. All three of these names have their own cases of symbolism that is carried on throughout the whole novel. To begin with, Pearl is the living, breathing scarlet letter, the token of her mother's infidelity. She is the being that made her mother's sin known. Both Pearl and the red 'A' Hester has been condemned to wear are the ceaseless reminder of this transgression. Hester and Pearl live …show more content…
Moving in with Dimmesdale he jabs and pushes. His speculation is that debasement of the body leads to the debasement of the soul. "Wherever there is a heart and a judgment skill, the infections of the physical outline are tinged with the idiosyncrasies of these [the mental considerations]." In Chapter 9, "The Siphon," Chillingworth's thought processes and methods are investigated. As a logical examiner, he cold-heartedly and learned people seek after his lab example. Hawthorne says, "Few insider facts can elude an examiner, who has the opportunity and permit to attempt such a journey, and ability to take it up." His mental torment of the serve is his as it were a reason for living; when his question is past reach, Chillingworth does undoubtedly terminate to exist.
In conclusion, we discover that these three main characters of the story each have their own symbolic names. Pearl is symbolic of the scarlet letter “A” and is named Pearl because she is purchased at a great price. Dimmesdale has a “dim” light in his heart which makes him frail and sorrowful. Chillingworth has made a “chilling” choice in making others suffer rather than living the Christian way of life which proves his wickedness. All three of these names have their own cases of symbolism that is carried on throughout the whole

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