What Is The Scaffold Symbolize In The Scarlet Letter

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T h e S c a r l e t L e t t e r b y N a t h a n i e l H a w t h o r n e h a s m a n y s y m b o l s i n i t . A s y m b o l i s s o m e t h i n g used for representing something else. Three symbols used in the Scarlet Letter are the scarlet letter, Pearl, and the scaffold and all of these symbols are used differently by the Puritans and by the author.
The meaning of the scarlet letter in the novel is for Hester to wear it because she has committed adultery. It is supposed to attract attention to her from all the townspeople or anyone else that sees her. The Puritans use of the symbol is to shame Hester for eternity. There will even be a letter on her gravestone. Everyone one that sees her with the letter on treats her very badly and has no respect for her. When kids see her walking in the street they mock her and throw things at her.(Hawthorne 140) She will never be treated normal or looked at the same again by the Puritan
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She is the living breathing symbol of the sin of adultery that they both committed. The Puritan use of this symbol is that Pearl is the product of the sin that Hester has committed. She must now take care of a devil baby. The townspeople and children also treat Pearl with no respect and are mean to her. As Pearl grows up she learns that everyone is mean to her so she is mean back because she doesn't know what nice is and doesn't know how to be nice. Hawthorne's use of the symbol is that Pearl isn't just the product of sin but she is the meaning of Hester's life. Hester has thoughts of killing herself and Pearl during the novel. She is the living version of the scarlet letter, but she also symbolizes the passion that happened between Hester and Dimmesdale during the sin. The Puritan use of this symbol has religious implication because they think Pearl is a product from the devil. Pearl helps Hester understand her life because she realizes that Pearl is the reason she should stay

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