Scarlet Letter Persuasive Essay

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Many believe that Hester’s child, Pearl, should be taken away. Why would you want to take a mother’s joy away. Pearl can help her mom, and stick up for herself and mom. Also, Pearl can show Hester that there is still a life worth living. Hester should be able to keep Pearl, because Pearl is all she has, Pearl defends her and her mother, and makes Hester believe that there is still life worth living. Indeed, a mother and a child do show love, and give love. Hester does show and give love, as does Pearl. Pearl is Hester’s most precious possession, because that is her child. “Whoever innocent life had sprung, by the inscrutable decree of providence, a lovely and immoral flower, out of the rank luxuariance of quality passion.” (Hawthorne, paragraph 1, pg.73). What Hester is saying is that the child is made from sin, and could be evil, but how could the the child be if she acts so pure. Throughout, the first few chapters, Pearl does not like the other …show more content…
Pearl, on the other hand, is the opposite, making noise, always playing, and doing what the puritan children do not typically do. This is why Hester thinks that, since Pearl is made of sin, she is not like the others. But Hester also sees the good, that it is just Pearl being an innocent child. “Heart-smitten at this bewildering and baffaling spell, that so often came between herself and her sole treasure, whom she had bought so dear, and who was all her world…” (Hawthorne, paragraph 5, ch.75). Hester sees good in pearl, who is supposed to be this sinful child, but Hester sees the good in the world, the only good thing that has happened to her.
In closing, it was not right to have a child with another man, but to take the only good thing is wrong. Hester should be able to keep Pearl, because it is her most precious possession, Pearl can defend herself and her mother, and Pearl shows Hester that there is still good in her

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