My Enemy's Cradle Character Analysis

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Over 500 books have been written about the Holocaust. Sara Young has written one of them, My Enemy’s Cradle. A Jewish girl loses her German cousin to attempted abortion and uses her identity to save her own baby. This taught me to love with all you have and focus on the good in life. Cyrla has always wanted to be Anneke. When Anneke gets pregnant, she sees no other way out. Anneke attempts abortion and bleeds to death. Cyrla, who is Jewish, uses Anneke’s German papers to help save her own life. Cyrla gets herself pregnant to fit the roll of Anneke. All is well until Karl, the father of Anneke’s baby, comes to see the supposed Anneke. Cyrla tells him the truth and asks him for help to escape the pregnancy center she is in. Karl helps Cyrla, but along the way, they fall deeply in love. This novel had many strengths. It takes the reader through a journey of many ups and downs. Some of the strengths include the main character, Cyrla, wanting to keep her baby, unlike most of the other pregnant women in her facility. I think this strength attracts many readers to continue the story because she doesn't look toward abortion in any point throughout the …show more content…
One weakness includes Cyrla forgetting about the man she loved in the beginning of the story. He got her pregnant, and after many months, she gave up on him. I think this makes no sense because Cyrla spent all her days loving him before she met Karl, Anneke’s baby’s father. Another weakness is Anneke’s parents being so mad about her pregnancy. Anneke thought she had disappointed them so much, so she decided to abort her own baby. I think that makes the story much more sad because of the death of a young girl and her child. One last weakness was the focus on the hatred for the German girls that were also pregnant. Maybe some of those girls were just as scared as the rest of them. As you can see, there are many more strengths in My Enemy’s Cradle than there are

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