A Journal of the Plague Year

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  • The Role Of Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

    Discrimination distresses countless individuals all over the world. Persons of all backgrounds and from all diverse walks of life are subjective in some way by workplace discrimination. "Discrimination" defines inadequate treatment. One of the most communal features discriminated against is an individual’s ethnicity, or their race. This is known as Racial Discrimination. Even though there are various federal laws with reference to discrimination, most states have sanctioned laws that forbid…

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  • Childhood Obesity Case Study

    Today, in the United States, the amount of overweight and obese children has doubled in the past thirty years. Obesity may be caused from numerous things, from poor diet to media marketing, but it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Obese children may have serious health concerns, many of those concerns were only seen in adults. It is important for nurses to work with families and health care providers to help promote healthy weight in children and end this problem facing our youth.…

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  • Cyberbullying Cure

    percent of teenagers have encountered harassment online (Subrahmanyam and Greenfield), and there were 2.2 million reported cases of cyberbullying in 2011 alone (“Cyberbullying and Social Media”). Cyberbullying is very closely linked to suicide, and the Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics suggests that between five and eight percent of bullied adolescents attempt suicide, with twenty percent considering suicide (Van Geel). Far too many innocent, young lives are lost are the hands…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Cultural Rebirth Of Modern Thinking

    revolution happening. The renaissance was something that occurred only within the people creating the time. The average person in the 15th Century was not pondering humanity and thinking about art, science, or literature. They were trying not to die of the plague. There have been many people throughout history who have made a real difference or change in the world, and although Da Vinci was a talented man he was not someone who had a real change on the people of his time. Discussion of…

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  • The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills By Sanjay Basu

    Sweden’s Active Labor Market Programs with $360 per capita per year government investment resulted in stable decrease of suicides among males, while in Spain with only $90 investment “the trends of unemployment strongly correlated with suicides” (p. 116). “A Plague on All Your Houses” is the last chapter of the book which juxtaposes the American’s stimulus and British’s austerity policy in housing programs. The…

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  • I Want To Be An Egalitarian Society

    a young age that our world needs healing. I spent my early years living in a country that has engaged in a 52-year-old civil war- in a country in which citizens recently voted against a peace agreement that would have been a monumental step towards ending the Colombian armed conflict. In addition, I also spent my young adulthood in the United States-a country that is largely responsible for much of the inequalities and poverty that plagues Latin America. Because of my experiences in both…

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  • Private Prisons In America

    bouncer to get their friends into a club they gave a bribe to the judges to bring in more prisoners. Suddenly judges had a zero tolerance policy equal to a principal in the ghetto, but unlike a principal giving detention they were giving out 10 to 20 year sentences. What is the most remarkable about this practice is that kids are a casualty as well, but, unlike adults, it causes the children to not be able to get an education. The incarceration rate in America is rapidly rising more than any…

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  • Discuss The Causes Of Obesity In America

    America, the land of the poor, and the home of the obese. A far more accurate title than the one sung in the national anthem. The United States of America, one of the fattest countries in the world, has a ridiculously high poverty rate. For a country supposedly filled with opportunities, there are thousands of Americans unemployed. There is a significant tie between the high obesity rate in the United States and the high poverty rate, which this paper will prove. Before the problem presented…

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  • Standardized Handoff Process

    Implementation of a Standardized Handoff Procedure in Surgical Patients Communication errors continue to plague healthcare and can lead to increased morbidity and mortality in patients. Staggers & Blaz (2012) acknowledge that “important information gaps, omissions, and errors” related to patient care can occur in the handoff process (p. 247). Inconsistencies, including information loss and misunderstanding, in the report process between providers are factors that may lead to an…

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  • The Role Of Hbcus In Modern Society

    commentary from peers and professors we have identified some core issues that HBCUs may face and how we can address them to adapt HBCUs to fit the modern societal construct. We examined several academic journals…

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