Sports Keep People Out Of Trouble Essay

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Sport is an activity that human beings done mainly for recreational purposes but in some cases can become the profession of a person if it is devoted to it so intensive and perfects his technique and results permanently. Sport is basically a physical activity that enters the body and running it out of its resting state against which it is normally found. The importance of sport is that it allows the person to exercise to keep your body in good physical level and also allows you to kick back, relax, stop worrying about the routine, release tension and also have fun.

Introduction: "Sports keep young people out of trouble?” First we going to search information on the subject sought. Then the issue will be drafted in order to get results. After writing, search for information etc. It will be conducting a conclusion. This conclusion will tell if indeed the sport keeps young people out of trouble. Playing sports is the best way to keep the body in good condition and improve
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Young people want the convenience of those who welcome them, but sometimes end up becoming street gangs or just bad company just to feel accepted. Criminal involvement usually begins around the age of fifteen, and people become criminals involved before the age of fourteen most likely ends up having the highest number of convictions and the rate of persistent crime. In the last fifteen years, the rate of violent crime among young people has increased by 30%. The most effective way to reduce youth crime is to steer teens away from criminal activities before they become too involved. There is strong evidence that organized sports programs can reduce the likelihood of teens committing crimes. Organized sports to help keep teens out of trouble for taking the time that otherwise could be used for harm, to give greater self-esteem teenager, and give them the opportunity to meet new people with a positive

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