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  • Democracy In America By Tocqueville's Democracy In America

    Pleasantville is what we are going for right? We want to live in a nation and world where everything is peaceful and everyone gets along. What if this actually were to be true? Diversity is said to be a positive influence on America, the most famous of “melting pots” around the world. With the arguments presented by Tocqueville, Harris, and DuBois we see that this perfect world of harmony between races is unrealistic. In Democracy In America, Tocqueville shares his notion that no matter what there will always be a divide because the races are simply not on similar playing fields. Harris brings about the point in The Price of The Ticket that the fight for a black agenda is a lost cause. Lastly, DuBois gives the idea that the line between…

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  • Let America Be America Again Poem

    dream it used to be. Was America ever great, the poem “Let America be America again” by Langston Hughes looks deeper into this theory. To many in America at this point of time, the American dream had disappeared before their eyes and hopelessness had filled this void within the American people. This poem expresses the silent Americans’ concern of how America was intended to be verses what it had become to them, and could aspire to be again. The American dream right from defines…

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  • Racism In Let America Be America Again

    In the poem “ Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes talks about how the vision of why America was build in the first place is now slowly fading or if not gone already. The idea Hughe brings up about not being the America dream that people pursuit in this country, is far much more than a fading dream. This feeling when reading this poem makes you wonder, do people matter in America? All the stereotypes he describe and racist that happens in America makes us wonder is this what this…

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  • America, And Different Characteristics Of Modernism In America

    economic, social, and political environment of an emerging fully industrialized world. Modernists often use ideas and methods which are very different from those used in the past. The following essay includes a total of 6 readings which can be summarized into 3 categories: Modernism in European countries, Modernism in Soviet Russia and China, and, Art Deco. Apart from the summary of the readings, the essay also covered the similarities of modern architecture in America influencing the modernism…

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  • Slavery In America

    mines. However, most of the slaves came to Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba, the regions where Spain was experiencing economic difficulties. The Portuguese expanded their plantations in Brazil since 1700, and brought to their South American colonies more and more slaves to fully develop the silver mines in Minas Gerais. Dutch, British and French slaves had to work in the colonies of the Caribbean and Guyana, as well as the lands of North America, where a small number of slaves from Africa, among…

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  • Islamophobia In America

    Islamophobia in America A 2011 study by the Pew Research Center puts the number of Muslims in the U.S., at 2.6 million. So that is only 0.7% of the total population in America that follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Prior to September 11, 2001, Muslims were able to coexist in a pluralistic American Society, but since that tragic day in history, things have changed dramatically. The hideous acts performed by Islamic extremists that early autumn morning, has spawned a fear that has…

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  • Colonization In America

    As America was colonized, it became a very diverse place. People from many different countries in Europe moved to the new world for various reasons, from wanting a better life to escaping undesirable conditions in Europe. Not only were many different ethnicities present in the American colonies, but many different types of people also migrated to the new world, from undesirables, to slaves and indentured servants, to common people. America’s ideas of social status were also different compared to…

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  • Xenophobia In America

    Xenophobia is a tradition in America, often manifesting in public policies adversely affecting the targeted group. There were/are other ethnic groups that faced a nationalized form of xenophobia besides Latino Americans in the United States. Indigenous Indians; African-Americans; Italians; Germans; Chinese; and Japanese Americans were all faced with – sometimes government mandated – discrimination. Although African-Americans did not immigrate to America voluntarily, since their arrival via the…

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  • Analysis Of Langston Hughes And Let America Be America

    Once the mighty nation of the free, America has degenerated into a void of greed, enslavement and dying dreams. Freedom in America in the early 1900’s was more of a flamboyant façade then a blissful reality. Despite the brash claims of America - the land of freedom, it was a time of discrimination and racial hatred. Marginalised African American citizens expressed their lament through poems such as America by Claude McKay written in 1921 and Let America be America again written by Langston…

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  • Segregation In America

    finally give all citizens their freedom. One is a story of J.T. Johnson and Al Lingo. By looking at it, we can see how Whites were so passionately committed to take action and keep segregation in place which prohibited African American participation in public facilities. Ultimately though, the courage of Civil Rights activists such as J.T. Johnson and Al Lingo led to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is important because it shows how the federal government was willing to enforce…

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