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What are the different types of distance pieces?

-single compartment

-double compartment

When would you use a long single compartment distance piece?

In non-lubricated cylinders, the extra distance that the oil must travel along the rod with the oil baffle makes it very unlikely that oil could ever reach the cylinder and contaminate the air supply

When is a two compartment distance piece used?

And applications where a complete seiling of an explosive gas in the compression chamber must exist

What are the final adjustments to balance the reciprocating weight?

Balance nuts

What is the purpose of the cross head

To center the piston rod in the packing case (to allow the packing to seal the compression from the piston on the return stroke)

What is a floating pin crosshead?

The crosshead pin is able to float in both the connecting rod bushing and the crosshead bushing. The pin is not attached to either piece and is free to turn in either bore

What is an adjustable crosshead

Manufacturers equip adjustable crossheads with removable shoes that allow for faster and less expensive overhaul.

-another advantage is that manufactures can shim the shoes at the bolt locations in order to alter the clearance between the cross head and guide

How do you check the clearances on a crosshead?

-Insert a 0.0015" feeler under the crosshead. If it does not go in anywhere the crosshead is sitting tight to the guide

-clearances at the top should be even all over and generally somewhere between 0.007 and 0.010

What factors concerning the crosshead can cause rod run out?

-you shimmed the crossheads improperly

-The crossheads are worn out

-the piston rod lock nuts are not seating squarely against the crosshead face

Connecting rod: The large end rotates with the _________ and adds to _________ vibration while the small and slides back and-forth with the _______ and adds to the _________ vibration

Connecting rod: The large end rotates with the crankshaft and adds to rotational vibration while the small and slides back and-forth with the piston and adds to the reciprocating vibration

What are the three most common types of connecting rods

-Straight cut

-bias cut

-articulating or king type

What would you see a bias cut connecting rod?

You use them when you must pull the connecting rod out for the cylinder bore

When would you see an articulating connecting rod?

And allows you to mount two pistons on one crankshaft journal in order to help reduce the size of the compressor

What is different about a V type compressor?

-The V-type compressor allows for two connecting rod journals to be mounted side-by-side.

-it is subject to greater bending and twisting stress because the journal must be longer

Can connecting rod caps be switched?

No they are created as a one piece component, therefore you must keep the mates together and in the correct alignment

Why would you use a tongue and groove joint or a serrated joint on a bias cut connecting rod

The design of the bias cut places shear stress on the rod bolts

What is the easiest way to do a nondestructive test

Liquid penetrant checks for cracks

What's the easiest way to check if the connecting rod is straight

Lay it on a precision ground surface and check it lays flat

What is a bump check and what is it used for?

A bump check is a common method to determine whether a bearing is worn enough to warrant further dismantling you can also use it to check new installations for any error in assembly

The function of a connecting rod is to convert rotating motion to reciprocating motion. True or false


Connecting rods are symmetrical and thus are impossible to install incorrectly. True or false

False, the fit is not identical

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