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Temperature is the result of what three things

1)Friction in the Bearing

2)how fast the heat is dissipated

3) heat that is transferred from outside sources

At what temperature does rapid oxidation of the lubricant start to occur


Should you be worried if a freshly installed or lubricated bearings heats up?

No, the temperature will rise and remain about 15°C above normal for a few hours

What happens to a bearing at 125°C?

The Bearing begins to to distort and lubricant life is shortened

Why would a machine have higher than average amperage readings?

It indicates abnormal load on the machine.

What is a quick way to check for a metal particles in oil?

By submerging a clean magnet in the oil and then examining it for metal

If the Bearing produces a loud hollow noise what does that indicate?

Too much internal clearance

What does it indicate if a bearing produces a high-pitched scream or wine?

The clearance is too small

If a bearing produces a growling noise what does that mean?

The surfaces of the rollers and raceways are deteriorating

The causes of bearing failure may be grouped into four categories, what are they?

1) improper installation and handling

2) improper maintenance practices

3) improper selection

4) fatigue

What is "built in contamination"?

It refers to dirt introduced during the assembly of the machine

If the shaft shows more than _______ of an inch run out at the shaft centre, seal seats or ends, it must be straightened or replaced


What is brinelling?

It is impact denting and makes the bearing useless. This denting can be caused by

-hammer blows

-dropping the bearing

-Shock loading on the machine from any source

What is false brinelling?

It is around depression worn into the raceway by a rolling element. It is caused when the bearing is not turning and vibration is present (like storage)

What is the biggest cause of bearing failure?


How does the oil mist lubrication system prevent contaminant?

It produces a positive pressure inside the bearing housing. The positive pressure prevents any contaminants from entering under atmospheric pressure

What are two of the main causes of vibration?

1) imbalances account for half the causes of vibration

2) misalignment accounts for 40% (either shafts or bearings)

How can you prevent static charges from passing through the bearing

They can be short circuited the weight bearing by installing the ground brush

At what temperature does a bearings load capacity start to exponentially decrease?


Define fatigue

Fatigue is the failure or breaking up of any material after it has been repeatedly deformed

What three things can you check by hand when the machine is down without tearing it apart?

-turn the shaft by hand and feel for any roughness in the movement

-lift on the shaft to check for radial looseness

-push the shaft back-and-forth axially to check for excessive end float

What is the most effective way to monitor the condition of a bearing while it is in operation?

Vibration monitoring

What checks should you make on the bearing if amperage readings are higher than normal?

-housing temperature

-vibration level

-lubricant condition

-bearing noise

List five conditions that increase the fatigue rate

-Loads above the recommended load rating

-speeds above the recommended speed rating

-shock loads



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