Reporting As A Driver Of A Company Vehicle

As a driver of a company vehicle you are also responsible for:
1. Maintaining a current, valid driver 's license of the appropriate class for the type of vehicle and equipment being operated.
2. Understanding and complying with the highway traffic act or acts of the jurisdictions you drive in.
3. Maintaining a satisfactory driving record that will be subject to review on a periodic basis. The determination of a satisfactory driving record is based your (province) Motor Vehicle Record and on the company’s demerit point system taking into consideration accumulated violations and or accidents.
4. Promptly notifying the company of any change in status of you driver’s license including, moving violations, or other violations of motor vehicle traffic
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Reporting all MVA 's and other incidents related to vehicle as soon as is practical after the accident to insert name of person or persons to contact and follow all other reporting expectations in the fleet safety manual.
If a fleet safety manual does not exist then the following guidelines should also be followed:
• The driver should gather all necessary information completing the accident reporting form in the accident reporting kit located in the vehicle. The accident reporting form will be located <>of each truck.
• It is the driver’s responsibility to insure the accident reporting kit is in the vehicle prior to each trip.
• When the form is completed it must be sent/ delivered to the driver’s direct supervisor and or the fleet safety manager within 12 hours of the occurrence.

6. Ensuring that you as the driver and all passengers operating or riding in any company vehicle are wearing seat belts while in the vehicle.

7. Not operating a vehicle when his/her ability to do so safely has been impaired by illness, fatigue, injury, prescription medication or while intoxicated by drugs, alcohol or any other prohibited
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Not allowing unauthorized personnel to ride in or operate company vehicles. (Define as appropriate for each client)

12. Providing name and license # of other drivers authorized to operate your company vehicle. Drivers with unacceptable driving records will not be permitted to drive a company vehicle. (Optional if allowing others such as family members to drive the company vehicle. Note: Allowing others to operate the company vehicle increases the potential for loss)

13. Insuring your vehicle is secured when it is left unattended by, shutting of the engine, removing keys from the ignition, closing of all windows and locking all vehicle doors.

14. Completion of Pre & Post Trip Vehicle Inspections- Drivers of Company vehicles are expected to promptly report mechanical difficulties or repair needs to management by completing daily pre and post trip inspections and sending completed reports to maintenance facility for repair, based on established company policy. (Economical Truck and or Trailer Defect Notice- Form # 4234)

15. Completion of Hours of service logs and insuring they are available as required and are kept up to date.

16. Insuring all loads are properly secured at start of trip and as required during

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