Hindustan Aeronautic Case Study


Hindustan Aeronautics is an Indian state-owned Aerospace and defence company based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is governed under the management of the Indian Ministry of Defence. The government-owned corporation is primarily involved in the operations of the aerospace industry. These include manufacturing and assembly of aircraft, navigation and related communication equipment and airports operation.

The Engine Division, which is ISO-9002 certified, was set up in 1957 to manufacture Orpheus turbo jet engines under licence from Rolls Royce.It manufactures Artouste engines for Chetak/Cheetah helicopters, Adour engines for Jaguar aircraft and Garrett engines for Dornier aircraft.

Engine division also undertakes repair and overhaul
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In the torque turbine engine torque is produced first and a propeller or a helicopter rotor converts this torque into thrust.
Major components of Gas Turbine Engine-:
A Gas Turbine engine is basically divided into two sections on the basis of temperature: -
Cold Section: -
a) Air intake (inlet): - For subsonic aircraft, the inlet is a duct which is required to ensure smooth airflow into the engine despite air approaching the inlet from directions other than straight ahead. This occurs on the ground from cross winds and in flight with aircraft pitch and yaw motions. The duct length is minimised to reduce drag and weight.[1] Air enters the compressor at about half the speed of sound so at flight speeds lower than this the flow will accelerate along the inlet and at higher flight speeds it will slow down. Thus the internal profile of the inlet has to accommodate both accelerating and diffusing flow without undue losses. For supersonic aircraft, the inlet has features such as cones and ramps to produce the most efficient series of shockwaves which form when supersonic flow slows down. The air slows down from the flight speed to subsonic velocity through the shockwaves, then to about half the speed of sound at the compressor through the subsonic part of the inlet. The particular system
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a) Full documentation of the machine’s operation status.
b) Recommendation for further maintenance work.
c) Overview of the potential upgrades and optimization.
d) Information on latest technical developments.

Engines which are inspected in assembly inspection department are:-
a) Adour 871 and Adour 811 Engine.
b) Shakti Engine.
c) Garrett Engine.

Engines which are inspected in overhaul inspection are mainly the engines which come under repairing and overhauling department which are follows:-
a) Adour Engine
b) Artouste Engine
c) Garrett Engine
d) Kaveri Engine
e) Gnome Engine
f) Dart Engine
g) Orpheus Engine
h) Avon Engine

The main role of assembly and overhaul department are as follows:-
a) Restoration of the engine original condition.
b) Greater reliability as far as production goes and therefore stable production output.
c) Scope of service: I) Installation of agreed parts package. II) Machine commissioning.
d) Modernization packages to improve efficiency and product quality.


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